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Established in 2010, Creacolor was founded by creative enthusiasts who specialize in the manufacturing and installation of decorative Microtopping®️ and Microcement finishes, concrete countertops, GFRC ( glass fibered reinforced concrete), UHPC (Ultra high-performance concrete), terrazzo tiles, epoxy terrazzo flooring with no joints, Concrete and terrazzo customized sink, and much more bespoke furniture.

Committed to providing our clients with the highest standard products and finishes. Working alongside interior designers, architects, businesses & homeowners.
Whatever your needs we are here to deliver the highest quality solutions.



Aiming at delivering high-quality projects designed and implemented by experts and a specialized staff in the field, Creacolor prioritizes customer satisfaction and timely delivery; therefore our specialists meet with clients to create the decorative aspects of walls and floors they imagine and turn them into a reality that reflects the client’s personality and taste through personalized and customized art work that combines technology and aesthetics in an amazing fusion signed: CREACOLOR.


Amidst a highly competitive market, Creacolor aims to rise above the competition by delivering the best quality in a professional and timely manner while only leaving behind marks of art and satisfaction at the client’s doorstep..