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What is Micro-cement?


Micro-cement Topcoat,also known as microtoping or béton ciré is a beautifying overlay 2/3mm thickness, composed of cement, mineral pigments, additives and water-based resins. Due to its impeccable adhesion, Micro-cement give you a continuous concrete look joints free applicable onto tiles, plaster, terrazzo and numerous materials.

Microcement for walls

  • Seamless surface
  • Application for walls and ceilings, interior and exterior
  • Great variety of colors and textures
  • Handmade application.
  • High adherence.
  • Covers any surface: tiles, marble, stoneware, terrazzo, plasterboard, concrete, cement, plaster, etc.
  • Great resistance to use, impacts, scratches and chemical products Waterproof
  • Saves time and avoids complicated works.
  • Without debris
  • Material thickness 2/3 mm.
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning: with water and PH-Neutral soap
  • Spaces free of germs and bacteria

Microcement for floor

  • Resinous Micro-cement, also known as Béton-ciré or micro-concrete is a polymer modified Resin-based coating which can be applied thinly to walls, stairs and floors in domestic and commercial environments.
  • Both for interior and exterior
  • For horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • For furniture and high-end decoration
  • Available in various shades enhanced by stunning effects and finishes.

Technical performance characteristics:

  • Flexibility
  • Adhesion
  • Resilience
  • Fine thickness 2/3mm.
  • Extensive range of shades, looks and colors.

Thanks to its outstanding waterproofing properties
Micro-cement is a great option for kitchens, living areas, bathrooms and wet rooms.
The material also lends itself well to functionality and practicality by
offering hygienic and hypoallergenic properties to create a clean and
Stain-free surface environment.