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GREENTEK Epoxy Terrazzo

Easily customizable GREENTEK Epoxy Terrazzo is a composite material made of chips of marble, Granite, glass, and other decorative stones, that are held together an epoxy resin binder. Used as a floor finish in commercial spaces, including airports, schools, hotels and Hospitals,GREENTEK epoxy terrazzo has to be polished to produce a smooth surface. The Terrazzo system is poured over leveled concrete or existing tiles with an unlimited Color option.
– GREENTEK epoxy Terrazzo for interior use only.
– For horizontal and vertical surfaces (precast).
– For furniture suitable for Dining table and countertop.
– Available in various shades enhanced with stunning effects and finishes.

Technical performance characteristics:
– Durable and Long-Lasting.
– Hard wearing.
– 2 cm thickness for precast, 1 cm thickness for cast in situ.
– Extensive range of shades and looks.
– Sustainability.
– Low Maintenance Flooring Surface.
– Bacteria-Free Surfaces.

GREENTEK Concrete Terrazzo Slabs

GREENTEK Terrazzo Slabs, Precast Cement based Terrazzo is a composite material made by mixing marble, granite, quartz or glass chips bound with cement, colored with natural oxide pigments and blended with water and additives in order to give strength and flexibility to the material.
GREENTEK Cement terrazzo slabs are hand cast concrete and as such are not calibrated, therefore slight variation in thickness of 2mm may occur but can be further
detailed with mechanical abrasion. they are engineered without reinforcement and are easily fabricated (cut, laminated, mitered and polished) using the same tooling as marble or granite by a quality stone fabricator. Providing a wide range of color and design.

Technical performance characteristics:
– Slab is full-body concrete
– Slab size is:

60cm * 60cm 3 cm thickness.              120cm * 60cm 3 cm thickness.

120cm * 80cm 3 cm thickness.         120cm * 120 cm 3 cm thickness.

Slab thickness is 3 cm
Recommended for indoor & outdoor, horizontal & vertical use
Slab edges are of-form/unfinished
Back of slab is not finished
Variation in aggregate is expected
Slabs need to be cleaned and sealed prior to first use
Recommended sealer – Stain Protection, contractor must purchase
Slabs are made to order and require 4 to 8 week lead time customization
Tonal variation is inherent and to be expected within range and should blend like stone tiles.

Laying instruction

A highly deformable glue is recommended for laying Terrazzo slab on screed (We recommends GREENTEK Rapid Flex). It is recommended to lay with the “buttering floating” technique (double spreading) to increase the adhesion of the product with the support. It is recommended
to grout on the floor after 2-3 days using a specific elastic product for

Surface design

Whatever surface design you choose, you can be sure that with GREENTEK each terrazzo project will be handmade and therefore completely bespoke.

Further benefits of opting for a Terrazzo include enhanced durability and an extended life span compared to traditional countertop materials. This is because we treat with a specialist, sealant so that the countertop is stain resistant and will not be harmed by sunlight or spilt food.

GREENTEK Terrazzo can be made in any size, so no matter what your aesthetic tastes or budget, Living Concrete’s countertops can meet your needs.

Let's Begin.

It all begins with a plan. Determine the background color, aggregates color and size, finish and thickness of your project and decide on any other unique attributes. It’s best to provide the project location and submit plans with dimensions (drawings, CAD File, etc.) You may also want to give us a call so we can walk you through all the required details.