Easily customizable Epoxy Terrazzo is a composite material made of chips of marble, granite, glass, and other decorative stones, that are held together with an epoxy resin binder. Used as a floor finish in commercial spaces including airports, schools, hotels, and hospitals, epoxy terrazzo have to be polished to produce a smooth surface. The terrazzo system is poured over-leveled concrete or existing tiles with unlimited color options.

Epoxy terrazzo is thinner and lightweight than cement terrazzo, more durable, flexible, and less susceptible to cracking.

Epoxy terrazzo is considered the most cost-effective flooring system available, and is a product that optimizes life-cycle performances, reduces operating costs, and enhances the beauty and value of any building structure.

Epoxy terrazzo is best used for indoor spaces in any public building.

it can also be manufactured for wall systems, countertops, staircases, and other custom precast terrazzo products.

Technical characteristics:

  • Epoxy terrazzo has higher impact, tensile and compressive strengths than cement-based terrazzo systems. It is also a great flooring solution that resists against common issues such as chemical and oil stains, water damage, and bacteria growth.
  • Epoxy terrazzo can last its entire lifecycle without needing repair. As a result, this makes epoxy terrazzo the most cost-effective flooring solution for any institutional, commercial or industrial building project.
  • Epoxy terrazzo contains zero VOCs, tested to have no chemical emissions, improving the overall indoor air quality of any terrazzo floor in new construction or renovation projects.
  • A seamless Epoxy terrazzo floor increases infection control, eliminating the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. Grout joints, commonly associated with tile products are commonplace for microbial growth, dirt and wax build-up. Having a seamless nonporous surface will increase the sanitation of any space, preventing germs from spreading and moisture from accumulating.


• Lowest Life-cycle Costing Flooring System.

• VOC-free for healthier indoor environments

• Extensive color capabilities allowed for unlimited design variations.

• Thinnest and lightest system available with superior tensile strength and compressive strength.

• Excellent chemical and stain resistant; lowest maintenance costs of any surface.

•Freeze Thaw Stable

•Eliminates the growth and spread of bacteria and fungus.